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SW Calgary Dentist Cares For You And Your Family

19 Oct 2011
Bite Dental

South Calgary Family Dentistry At Bite Dental in SW Calgary the saying is ‘By  Families For Families’.   Sounds cute, but what  does it mean when it comes to dental care for you and your family?

Well nobody explains it better than Dr. Andy Hoe  when he says,

 ”As the proud Father of two young children, I  share the same concerns that all parents have

South Calgary Dentist Provides Same Day Crowns

13 Oct 2011
Bite Dental

One Appointment Crowns In an age where time is precious, but so is your smile, Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental, in the community of Shawnessy, South West Calgary has the answer.

Cerec same day crowns will have you smiling in record time.

This proven, effective dental technology removes the need for multiple dental appointments when placing crowns.…