Same Day Crowns In Calgary

Same Day Crowns If you’ve ever had to have a dental crown placed; possibly due to a cracked tooth, to replace an existing large metal restoration (filling), after a root canal or for esthetic reasons, you probably recall the process consisting of more than one appointment.  Most people feel that one dental appointment is more than enough; that’s why ‘Same Day Crowns’ or ‘One Appointment Crowns’ is a great option for Calgary dental patients seeking restorative treatment.

One appointment crowns are exactly that; one appointment that consists of completing both the preparation and cementation stages in a single session.


One of the many advantages of having your new crown placed in one session, is that it eliminates the need for a temporary crown, and associated sensitivity some patient’s experience.

Using the proven Cerec technology, Dr. Andy Hoe, and his team at Bite Dental in SW Calgary, provide patients with beautiful results, in one visit.   For more information on Same Day Crowns visit or call today to make an appointment 403.201.2483     


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