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Routine Dental Care Can Save Your Teeth & Protect Your Health

29 Jun 2012
Bite Dental

The benefits of regular routine dental care don’t just include the obvious like Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth and Healthy Teeth and Gums.  Regular dental cleanings and check-up exams can prevent bone loss, dental infections, gum disease, and help prevent other medical problems such as, heart disease, diabetes, strokes and more.

The value of seeing your…

Sedation Dentistry Lets You Move Forward With Treatment

25 Jun 2012
Bite Dental

We know that not every patient can relax in the dental chair.  For some people, seeing the dentist creates fear, apprehension and tension, that makes the most basic of dental procedures a long and arduous appointment.

Some patients are often unaware of their level of stress and the resulting tension in their body.  Being able to relax in the dental chair…

Advantages Of Sedation Dentistry In Calgary

18 Jun 2012
Bite Dental

Today’s progressive dental office focuses on patients experience, and this includes making sure that there is a level of comfort offered to every dental patient, especially the nervous patient.

Dental health is linked to an individuals overall health; so it’s important that patients develop a habit of routine dental care and follow-up on any diagnosed treatment.  Unfortunately, for the nervous dental…

Cerec ‘Same Day Crowns’ Technology Available In Calgary

11 Jun 2012
Bite Dental

Cerec by Sirona Dental Systems is a proven restorative technique that has been used by dentists around the world since 1986.

This technique allows dentists to create a permanent crown, bridge, inlay or veneer in just one dental appointment.  Cerec or CERamic REConstruction uses 3D computer aided design to fabricate a strong, esthetically pleasing,…

The Advantages of One Appointment Crowns

04 Jun 2012
Bite Dental

SW Calgary Dental OfficeDr. Andy Hoe, of Bite Dental in Calgary, has been using Cerec technology for the past 18 years to place dental restorations.  During this time, Dr. Hoe and his staff have witnessed the many advantages this technique presents.

It’s not just that you receive your new crown, inlay, veneer or bridge in one dental appointment; there are many other advantages to