Sedation Dentistry Lets You Move Forward With Treatment

We know that not every patient can relax in the dental chair.  For some people, seeing the dentist creates fear, apprehension and tension, that makes the most basic of dental procedures a long and arduous appointment.

Some patients are often unaware of their level of stress and the resulting tension in their body.  Being able to relax in the dental chair means less post-operative discomfort that is often due to tense jaw muscles.

Sedation Dentistry can be a viable and necessary option for nervous patients seeking dental treatment and is offered by dental offices in Calgary who strive to minimize the level of stress a patient experiences.  Discussing the option of Sedation Dentistry with your dentist, and addressing stress and nervousness, can make the difference between moving forward with dental treatment or avoiding the dentist completely which can lead to both painful and expensive last minute treatment.

At Bite Dental, located in the neighbourhood of Shawnessy in SW Calgary, Dr. Andy Hoe and his team focus on making sure every visit is a good experience for patients and offer Sedation Dentistry to qualified patients.

Patients who elect to have their treatment performed under Sedation are still conscious and have control over motor skills; making the appointment easier for both the dentist and patient.

For more information on Sedation Dentistry or to book an appointment with Dr. Hoe visit

Don’t let fear prevent you from visiting the dentist.  Options are available so call today 403.201.2483

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