The Advantages of One Appointment Crowns

SW Calgary Dental OfficeDr. Andy Hoe, of Bite Dental in Calgary, has been using Cerec technology for the past 18 years to place dental restorations.  During this time, Dr. Hoe and his staff have witnessed the many advantages this technique presents.

It’s not just that you receive your new crown, inlay, veneer or bridge in one dental appointment; there are many other advantages to note:



  • · No multiple appointments


  • · No need to take impressions


  • · No wearing a temporary crown while your new crown or bridge is fabricated


  • · High level of comfort, and reduced sensitivity, as the new crown is immediately bonded


  • · Cerec restorations are more conservative than traditional crowns as less tooth structure is      removed during the preparation (only damaged tooth structure is removed)


  • · Cerec crowns are very esthetic due to high translucency and metal free material

  • · Cerec restorations are made of a ceramic material that is biocompatible with tissue in your  mouth


  • · Cerec porcelain can be penetrated by an x-ray. This allows the dentist to be able to diagnose any problems, if they develop, down the road.


Don’t let the thought of multiple appointments stop you from getting crown or bridge work.  Bite Dental will have you smiling in no time.  Call us today to book your next appointment 403.201.2483 or visit us online

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