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Over the last few weeks we’ve shared a lot of information on adult dental care and the importance of an effective home care routine.  Dental care in the home begins at an early age, even before teeth erupt, and is a vital step to ensuring that dental issues don’t occur or are kept to a minimum in both adult and children.

Bite Dental, located in Shawnessy in SW Calgary is a General Dental practice who provides families of SW Calgary with comprehensive dental care.  Bite Dental recommends that parents bring children to the dentist by their third birthday, or sooner, if there are any concerns. But don’t wait to see the dentist to start taking care of your child’s teeth as oral hygiene needs begin early in life.

Your infant child, though teeth may not have erupted, needs to have their gums cleaned with a damp cloth after each feeding.  Terrycloth finger cots are great for this purpose. And as soon as their first tooth appears you can use a small, soft bristled brush with water to keep any teeth clean.  Even though your child is young, and may not be eating a full range of food, plague can still form around teeth, which irritate gums and can cause cavities. 

To avoid baby bottle caries, try not to give your child a bottle of milk, juice or sweetened water at naptime or bedtime.  Sugars from the milk, or juice, remain on your child’s teeth for hours, harming teeth that may result in cavities. Believe it or not; even babies can have dental decay so it’s important to pay attention to their mouths.

Up until the age of 8; children will need help with brushing and definitely flossing.  As they have probably developed a liking for candies and sugary drinks it is important that parents participate at, or supervise, brushing time.  With all things, children learn by example, let them see you brushing and flossing, so that it becomes part of their regular routine.

For more information on children’s dental care, call Bite Dental at 403.201.2483



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