Protect Your Child’s Smile With A Custom Sports Guard

Protect Your Teeth With A Custom Sports Guard

Custom Sports Guard In Calgary

Competing in sports provides children with an opportunity to develop social confidence and physical skills.  Unfortunately sports, and many recreational activities, also provide an opportunity for mouth injuries.

Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South West Calgary strongly recommends the use of sports guards as the goal is always to prevent injuries than treat mishaps.  Sports guards help prevent broken teeth, cuts to the lips and face and can also prevent jaw injuries.

Though there is a higher risk of injury to the mouth with contact sports like football, hockey, boxing etc, other sports can also prevent a risk.  Roller blading, cycling, soccer and even skate boarding become safer when a sports guard is being worn.

A sport guard is a soft plastic device that usually covers just the top teeth.  Sometimes it is necessary to wear a guard on the lower teeth as well, especially if there is an appliance or orthodontic braces present.

There are different types of sports guards, ranging from the ‘boil and bite’ variety bought at a sports store, to a custom form fitted guard fabricated at a lab from impressions your dentist has taken.  Investing in a custom sports guard offers a better fit, better protection and is usually more comfortable than a one size fits all. A custom sports guard can be made to allow for erupting teeth and movement from orthodontic braces.

Don’t let a great sports season be ruined by a mouth injury, protect your smile and call Bite Dental today to make an appointment for a custom sports guard 403.201.2483  

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