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Restoring A Tooth In Calgary With An Inlay Or Onlay

25 Sep 2012
Bite Dental

OOptins For Amalgam Fillngs In Calgary ur last post talked about the importance of placing a crown when a tooth is weakened due to damage, having a root canal or being heavily restored with a filling.

What are the options for restoring a tooth when a crown is not necessary, but a simple filling is not adequate?

An Inlay is similar to a filling and sits inside…

Why Do I Need To Crown My Tooth?

17 Sep 2012
Bite Dental

One Appointment Crowns In CalgaryThere are many reasons why a tooth needs crown coverage.  The important thing to remember is if your tooth is causing you discomfort, don’t delay seeing your Calgary Dentist as early diagnosis and treatment can often prevent the need for more extensive procedures, like root canal treatment or possibly the need to extract the tooth.…

Crowning A Tooth After Root Canal Treatment In Calgary

11 Sep 2012
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If you’ve ever experienced a root canal, due to infection, broken tooth, or a slowly dying nerve; you’ve probably been told that the tooth requires Crown Coverage to protect the tooth from premature loss.

Crown coverage is required to increase the longevity of the tooth due to it being no longer vital.   During a root canal all nerves from the inside of the root are removed.  Removing…

Knocked Out A Tooth In Calgary?

03 Sep 2012
Bite Dental

Accidents happen and that sometimes means a tooth gets knocked out during sports or fun activities.
If you follow the steps below you will increase your chances of saving the tooth and minimizing extensive dental

  • Try to only handle the tooth by touching the
    crown portion – not the tooth


  • If the tooth is dirty