Crowning A Tooth After Root Canal Treatment In Calgary

If you’ve ever experienced a root canal, due to infection, broken tooth, or a slowly dying nerve; you’ve probably been told that the tooth requires Crown Coverage to protect the tooth from premature loss.

Crown coverage is required to increase the longevity of the tooth due to it being no longer vital.   During a root canal all nerves from the inside of the root are removed.  Removing the nerves means removing the vital blood supply to the tooth.  The lack of blood supply causes the tooth to become dry, brittle and fragile.  Crowning the tooth helps prevent the tooth from fracturing, thereby increasing its longevity.

Crowning a root canal treated tooth also provides a better seal and protection compared to a ‘regular filling’.  The increased seal and protection helps prevent further re-infection of the tooth and increases the level of comfort.

Dr. Andy Hoe, of Bite Dental in South West Calgary, performs ‘One Appointment Crowns’ using the proven Cerec Technology.  Don’t risk losing a tooth that has been treated with a root canal when getting a crown can be efficiently completed in one appointment. At Bite Dental preventing tooth loss is always the number one goal – Call today and have a new smile by tomorrow 403.201.0483


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