Why Do I Need To Crown My Tooth?

One Appointment Crowns In CalgaryThere are many reasons why a tooth needs crown coverage.  The important thing to remember is if your tooth is causing you discomfort, don’t delay seeing your Calgary Dentist as early diagnosis and treatment can often prevent the need for more extensive procedures, like root canal treatment or possibly the need to extract the tooth.

Dental Crowns are placed due to the natural tooth being weakened in some way.   Large fillings cause teeth to become weak and prone to fractures.  Crowning a heavily restored tooth adds protection, helps reduce sensitivity and decreases the chance of breakage.

When a tooth has had root canal treatment the tooth is no longer vital due to the nerve being removed and therefore blood supply.  The lack of blood and vital nutrients causes the tooth to become dry and brittle which increases the risk of breakage.  It is common to think no further treatment is required following a root canal as often all pain and discomfort has diminished.  Crowning a root canaled tooth protects the tooth structure and helps prevent re-infection, pain and premature tooth loss.

Unfortunately teeth with severe decay, or wear (due to clenching and grinding), are also at risk for breaking.  Placing a full or ¾ coverage crown can save a tooth and restore it to its natural shape (form) and function and of course the esthetics of a tooth is enhanced.

If you’ve been told you need a crown, moving forward with treatment will prevent premature tooth loss along with many other advantages
previously mentioned in this article.  Dr. Andy Hoe, of Bite Dental in South Calgary, places ‘One Appointment’ crowns using the proven Cerec Technology.  One appointment crowns, or ‘Same Day Crowns’, eliminate the need for multiple appointments – no more messy impressions and temporary crowns. Cerec Technology uses 3D CAD software to fabricate a crown, veneer, onlays and inlays – all in one appointment.

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