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Halloween Candy…Cruel Trick or Special Treat

30 Oct 2012
Bite Dental

Calgary DentistIt’s that time of year your little ghost and goblin have been waiting for. The costumes are fun, but the candy is great – or is it?

Calgary Dentist, Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South West Calgary, shares some tips on navigating through the piles of Halloween candy and coming out cavity free.

Everyone loves a treat, especially children,…

The Many Advantages Of Zoom Whitening

24 Oct 2012
Bite Dental

South Calgay Zoom Whitening DentistA beautiful ‘white’ smile can captivate an audience and mesmerize onlookers.  But having naturally white teeth isn’t something we’re all blessed with.  Along with the natural aging process (teeth naturally  darken and dull as we age), smoking, use of certain medications, consumption of red wine and drinks like Coke, it’s no wonder teeth can often look far from ‘white’.

Zoom Whitening

Discolored Teeth In Calgary…Zoom Whitening Can Help

18 Oct 2012
Bite Dental

Zoom Whitening In South CalgaryIf you’re like many who enjoy a glass of red wine, cup of coffee or tea, and the occasional soda, you may feel that your teeth show the signs of your enjoyment.  Zoom Whitening is a viable option available to patients who want to whiten their teeth quickly and effectively.

Patients also turn to Zoom

Zoom Whitening In Calgary

10 Oct 2012
Bite Dental

It’s amazing how the subtlety of a person’s ‘beautiful’ smile catches the attention of many.

What is it that draws us to a smile?  Studies reveal that shiny ‘white’ teeth capture and hold attention.  That’s great for the person who is looking at a mouth of beautiful pearly whites, but what’s the advantage to an individual who is thinking of whitening…

Choosing A Calgary Dentist

02 Oct 2012
Bite Dental


Choosing a General Dentist in Calgary to care for you and your family’s needs involves taking many factors into consideration.  After all, your relationship with your dentist is one that lasts several years.

Referral from friends, family and co-workers is often a good place to start, as their recommendations will be based on their experiences with both the dentist and…