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Choosing a General Dentist in Calgary to care for you and your family’s needs involves taking many factors into consideration.  After all, your relationship with your dentist is one that lasts several years.

Referral from friends, family and co-workers is often a good place to start, as their recommendations will be based on their experiences with both the dentist and the dental team.  Randomly sticking a pin in a Yellow Pages ad won’t guarantee you finding a Calgary Dentist that meets your dental health needs by bringing skill, expertise, experience and availability of up to date technology. Don’t leave finding the right Calgary Dentist to chance; asking certain questions can help you find a dental team that’s right for you and your family.

Once you’ve received some referrals feel free to contact a couple of the recommended offices to ask some preliminary questions.
If you have young children, is the dentist comfortable treating children.
Does the office offer after school hours to accommodate schedules

How often does the office take routine dental x-rays.  Remember the dentist can’t see any concerns that are below the gum line and in-between teeth.  Regular x-rays are essential for accurate diagnosis of treatment.

Does the office have a Hygienist who performs all routine cleanings.  Hygienists main focus is to professionally clean teeth and look for signs of gum disease or any concerns affecting tissue health.  

How frequently do the dentist and team attend continuing education courses. Staying on top of the advances in techniques, technology and Association(s) requirements ensures that the patient is receiving the best level of care available.

Now that  you’ve established that your choice of dental office meets your needs, you can discover more about all services offered by going online to the practice’s website, or by chatting with the dentist during your New Patient Appointment.

Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in Shawnessy Calgary welcomes new patients to his practice and understands the importance of providing patients with the highest level of clinical care in a comfortable, trusting environment.

Some of the services available at Bite Dental are – Hygiene Appointments, ‘Same Day Crowns’ using Cerec Technology, Sedation Dentistry for the anxious patient and Zoom Whitening for people who are wanting to brighten their smile.   Bite Dental knows what patients’ needs are and aims to provide excellent care and service at each and every appointment.

Call today to make an appointment 403.201.0483


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