Discolored Teeth In Calgary…Zoom Whitening Can Help

Zoom Whitening In South CalgaryIf you’re like many who enjoy a glass of red wine, cup of coffee or tea, and the occasional soda, you may feel that your teeth show the signs of your enjoyment.  Zoom Whitening is a viable option available to patients who want to whiten their teeth quickly and effectively.

Patients also turn to Zoom Whitening for its amazing results when it comes to whitening teeth prior to crown and bridge work.  If you are faced with having new porcelain dentistry placed, whitening the rest of your teeth to match the new porcelain color is a step that can make an impact.  Whitening of natural teeth creates a balanced, uniform color next to the porcelain material.  This means that your new crown or bridge won’t draw attention to dull, discolored, natural teeth.

Zoom Chair-side Whitening system is a scientifically advanced tooth whitening system.  The convenience of Zoom in comparison to days of wearing trays, or whitening strips, makes this the perfect option for busy individuals.

Zoom Whitening is only available at your dental office.  This safe and proven system can whiten teeth up to 6 shades without having to wait weeks to see a difference.  The Zoom Whitening procedure is simple and painless and begins with a short preparation to isolate lips and gums.  A member of the dental team applies the proprietary Zoom Whitening Gel, which is then activated by the Zoom light. The Zoom light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth, breaking up stain and discolorations.  With regular cleanings and proper home care, your new ‘white’ smile will sparkle for years.  A take home kit is also available for touch-ups or for those who are not a candidate for the in-office procedure.

It is normal to experience slight tooth sensitivity during the procedure but these symptoms disappear in one to three days. The sensitivity is due to the whitening gel’s effectiveness.

Take your first step to creating a beautiful white smile and call Bite Dental today 403.201.2483. Dr. Andy Hoe and his team are experienced with all aspects of the Zoom Whitening system and are available to answer questions and schedule your appointment.

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