The Many Advantages Of Zoom Whitening

South Calgay Zoom Whitening DentistA beautiful ‘white’ smile can captivate an audience and mesmerize onlookers.  But having naturally white teeth isn’t something we’re all blessed with.  Along with the natural aging process (teeth naturally  darken and dull as we age), smoking, use of certain medications, consumption of red wine and drinks like Coke, it’s no wonder teeth can often look far from ‘white’.

Zoom Whitening is a proven method of teeth whitening that provides visible results in minutes.  Zoom’s ability to remove the most stubborn stains and discolorations makes it a viable option for most patients. A Philips Oral Healthcare product, Zoom Whitening has been used by over 10 million patients and has been featured on shows like The Today Show and Extreme Makeover.

Zoom Whitening is only available through your Calgary DentistThis ensures that the professional strength gel, and Zoom light, is administered by knowledgeable, trained members of your dental team, who not only pay attention to the response of your teeth but your gums as well. If you have an hour to spare your smile can be whitened up to six shades, making those up-coming special occasions the perfect time to reveal your new smile.

Patient of Bite Dental in South West Calgary know that the smile they always wanted is just one appointment away. Dr. Andy Hoe and his team have been helping patients achieve beautiful white smiles, using the Zoom Whitening system, for years.  Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, vacation or ‘just because’, Zoom Whitening can give you the smile you always wanted.

Don’t let dull, discolored, stained teeth stop you from smiling.  Call Bite Dental today and findout how Zoom Whitening can have you smiling in no time. 403.201.2483

Zoom Whitening is not recommended for patients under the age of 13 or pregnant/lactating women.
Always inform your dental team of changes to your medical health and of any medications you are taking.

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