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Beautiful Smile With Zoom Whitening

It’s amazing how the subtlety of a person’s ‘beautiful’ smile catches the attention of many.

What is it that draws us to a smile?  Studies reveal that shiny ‘white’ teeth capture and hold attention.  That’s great for the person who is looking at a mouth of beautiful pearly whites, but what’s the advantage to an individual who is thinking of whitening their teeth?

We’ve known for some time that self-esteem is linked to a person’s perception of their self-image.  That means that when we feel we are looking our best, we function in a more confident manner. But the reverse also holds true that a low self-image can lead to avoidance of social activities like dating, professional development, and other aspects of living a dynamic life.

Zoom Whitening may not be the ‘cure all’ for a low self-mage, but it is an effective, painless, affordable way of improving your smile in just minutes – not days or weeks.  Zoom Whitening is a safe, proven method for whitening teeth and patients of Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in Shawnessy, can attest to the amazing results Zoom Whitening provides – all in the comfort of the dental office.

If you’ve been thinking of whitening your teeth the best time to start a Zoom Whitening session is after an appointment with your hygienist. For great results it’s important that teeth have been cleaned and all plaque, calculus and superficial staining are removed.  The smooth, clean surface of teeth will ensure that the Zoom Whitening whitens the actual teeth, not surface debris.

Call Bite Dental today at 403.201.2483 to schedule a cleaning in preparation for an effective Zoom Whitening experience.  Dr. Andy Hoe and staff of Bite Dental are knowledgeable in the many advantages of Zoom Whitening and are happy to answer your questions.

Follow us over the coming weeks as we highlight the advantages of Zoom Whitening including how it can remove discoloration caused by some medications.



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