Oral Sedation…A Viable Option For The Nervous Dental Patient In Calgary

Fear and anxiety regarding dentistry still persists today; despite advances in local anesthetic (freezing) and the level of physical comfort and distractions some dental offices offer their patients – TV’s and foot massages to name just  a few.

Though some fear of the dentist may exist in all of us in varying degrees, there is a portion of dental patients whose fear prevents them from maintaining routine dental care, leading to avoidance of necessary treatment.  This degree of fear and avoidance presents challenges to both patient and dental team.

The option of Sedation Dentistry in Calgary (used to minimally sedate patients) is a easy, safe, effective and inexpensive way of providing dental care to the anxiety prone adult patient.

Oral Sedation can be a highly effective option for the moderately anxious dental patient.  For certain patients creating an experience of calm, relaxing, pain free dentistry can only be achieved through the use of a sedative.

The Sedative allows a patient to both physically relax and mentally de-stress.  This calm condition contributes to dentistry being completed efficiently in a time effective manner and with little to no discomfort to the patient.  When a patient can relax, administering local anesthetic and performing procedures becomes easier for the both the dentist and recipient.

Sedation patients of Bite Dental in Shawnessy, South West Calgary,  often comment on how great they feel after treatment with no jaw discomfort, tight muscles or sore injection sites.  Along with the realization that years of delayed treatment has been addressed and their dental health has been restored; Sedation Dentistry often transforms the most highly stressed individual in to a model dental patient.

Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental welcomes New Patients and consultations regarding Sedation Dentistry. If fear of the dentist has prevented you or a loved one from achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, call Bite Dental today 403.201.2483





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