Stress Free Dentistry Available In Calgary

Receiving a high level of clinical expertise is only part of the dental experience.  Feeling relaxed, calm, and at ease throughout the dental appointment is vital to ensure treatment success and the patient’s overall experience.  Calgary Dentists strive to provide an appointment experience that is pain and worry free as patients ease, and confidence in the dental team, contributes to patients moving forward with essential treatment – therefore avoiding more costly and involved procedures that can arise due to postponing dental appointments because of nervousness.

Dental anxiety is common in patients of all ages and genders and doesn’t just occur before ‘big’ appointments but can also be a response that some patients have when even thinking of calling their dental office. Imagine waking in the middle of the night with a raging toothache but choosing not to call your dentist due to dental nerves and stress at the thought of making a dental appointment.

Avoiding, delaying, ignoring or just denying dental aches, pains and concerns keeps patients in a pattern of stress and low dental health.  Studies show that the mouth often reveals signs of systemic diseases, and that an unhealthy mouth may be a sign of more serious overall health concerns. This means that as much as coming to a dental appointment makes you break out in a cold sweat, it is a vital part of taking care of both your dental health and your health in general.

So what options are there for the ‘nervous patient’? Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South Calgary believes that finding a dentist that has the tools, knowledge, experience and flexibility is a good place to start in achieving a great dental experience. Dr. Hoe knows that for some patients even the most routine procedure can create extreme stress – that’s why he offers Sedation Dentistry to suitable patients.

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary is a service that anxious patients are seeking out more and more.  Dentists today are acknowledging the need to provide options that allow all patients to move forward with treatment – even the most nervous of patients.  Bite Dental has been providing Sedation Dentistry for many years and are experienced in its advantages and how it can transform the most reluctant patient to a number one dental fan!

If you think that you would benefit from Sedation Dentistry call Bite Dental today. Don’t let nerves stop you from receiving great dental care and the smile you’ve always wanted. 403.201.2483

Sedation Dentistry may not be suitable for every patient – Please keep Bite Dental aware of any changes to your dental health.

Next week – Sedation Dentistry…How It Works



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