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Smiling In Calgary…It’s Good For You

31 Dec 2012
Bite Dental

Here’s a neat Ted Talk on the Hidden Power of Smiling

Follow this link and discover more about the power of your smile Hidden Power of Smiling


Bite Dental…Your South Calgary Dental Office

26 Dec 2012
Bite Dental

‘By Families For Families’ is a tag line that Bite Dental, located in South Calgary, lives by.

Providing General Dental Care to families in the communities of Shawnessy, Midnapore, Sundance, Millrise and Evergreen; Dr. Andy Hoe and his team at Bite Dental are a family that people think of when considering dental care.

Practicing dentistry for over 27 years,…

Zoom Whitening In Calgary…The Perfect Christmas Gift

19 Dec 2012
Bite Dental

Teeth Whitening In Calgary Wondering what to get friends and family for Christmas?  Consider giving the gift of a beautiful smile by purchasing a Zoom Whitening Appointment at Bite Dental in Shawnessy Calgary.

Zoom Whitening, a Philips product, is the most turned to application when it comes to getting great results, quickly and painlessly.

Only your Calgary Dentist has access to Zoom’s professional strength whitening system…

Shawnessy Dental Office Offers Sedation Dentistry In Calgary

12 Dec 2012
Bite Dental

At Bite Dental, located in Shawnessy South Calgary, patients don’t have to worry about feeling anxious about dental treatment.  This South Calgary Dental Office provides patients with the option of Sedation Dentistry.

Oral Sedation involves taking a medication prior to your dental appointment so that during treatment you are in a relaxed, calm state.  Because you are not unconscious you will…

Sedation Dentistry Offered In Calgary

05 Dec 2012
Bite Dental

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary allows the most fearful of dental patients to move forward with treatment that they have been avoiding for too long. Creating a sense of being calm, relaxed and in control, Sedation Dentistry makes even the most involved procedures a breeze for both the patient and dentist.

Sedation Dentistry has been available to patients for decades.  Originally geared…