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Dental Insurance In South Calgary Dental Office

30 Jan 2013
Bite Dental

Dental insurance in Calgary can provide individuals with an opportunity to move forward with dental treatment they may otherwise delay or put off.

Those with dental coverage have usually attained it as part of their employee benefit package through work. The employer secures the insurance by acquiring quotes from several insurance companies and choosing the coverage that they (the employer) feels…

Protecting Your Personal Information In A South Calgary Dental Office

23 Jan 2013
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Privacy of one’s personal information is a topic that generates a lot of energy and policies in the hopes of keeping sensitive information private. And that’s no exception when it comes to Calgary Dentists protecting their patients’ personal information.  In Alberta the Personal Information Protection Act, or PIPA, is in place to protect individuals’ personal information when being used by private, non-government,…

Direct Billing At Calgary Dental Offices

16 Jan 2013
Bite Dental

Direct Billing, or Assignment of Benefits, is a courtesy that some Calgary Dentists extend to their patients.

Direct billing of dental treatment means that the dental office submits the claim, usually electronically, at the time of visit and requests that payment be made to the dentist, not the patient. Any portion that is not covered by…

New Year…New Smile In Calgary

09 Jan 2013
Bite Dental

The start of a New Year is often a time to take stock of what we didn’t accomplish in the previous year and put in place plans to make goals a reality in the next twelve months.  For some, it’s about setting financial, spiritual, fitness, or work goals.  And for some it’s about moving forward with dental treatment that may have…