Dental Insurance In South Calgary Dental Office

Dental insurance in Calgary can provide individuals with an opportunity to move forward with dental treatment they may otherwise delay or put off.

Those with dental coverage have usually attained it as part of their employee benefit package through work. The employer secures the insurance by acquiring quotes from several insurance companies and choosing the coverage that they (the employer) feels provides the best coverage for the amount of monthly premium.  Remember, dental insurance is a contract between the employer and insurance company, with no input being given by your  Calgary dentist or dental provider.

Dental insurance often consists of different categories: Basic, Major and Orthodontic.  Each category may have its own maximum coverage (the dollar amount allotted to the category in a set time period) or in some cases, coverage consists of a ‘Combined Maximum’ which is a dollar amount for both Basic and Major combined in a certain time period.

Basic coverage will cover procedures like dental cleanings (scaling, root planing and polishing) check-up exams, basic restorations (fillings) and sometimes root canals and extractions. Interestingly, though your coverage may cover a check-up exam with your Calgary Dentist  in a certain time period, once every 6, 9 or 12 months, you can see your hygienist for more frequent cleanings depending on the amount of units of scaling available to youThis is an area of insurance to familiarize yourself with as it may well allow you to have more frequent dental cleanings; and that’s never a bad thing.

Major dental coverage will include procedures like crowns, inlays, onlays, partials and full dentures.  Some plans may provide coverage for implants, though this is not routinely the case.  Checking with your insurance prior to commencing with dental treatment will prevent any painful surprises.  Major coverage is often covered at a lesser percentage than Basic, so don’t be surprised when your new crowns are covered at 50%

Insurance companies often provide booklets or online access to coverage details.  Being knowledgeable on your dental benefits can make treatment decisions easier. 

Though having dental insurance can help cover the cost of some dental procedures, it is not meant to dictate your treatment choice or decision.  Having a Calgary dentist who can help explain options and advantages of certain treatment will allow you to make the right treatment choice for your dental health.

Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in Shawnessy Calgary welcomes new patients and is happy to direct bill insurance for dental treatment.  This South Calgary Dental team is knowledgeable in addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding treatment options and insurance coverage.  Call today 403.201.2483



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