Protecting Your Personal Information In A South Calgary Dental Office

Privacy of one’s personal information is a topic that generates a lot of energy and policies in the hopes of keeping sensitive information private. And that’s no exception when it comes to Calgary Dentists protecting their patients’ personal information.  In Alberta the Personal Information Protection Act, or PIPA, is in place to protect individuals’ personal information when being used by private, non-government, businesses.  Insurance companies, that administer dental claims, adhere to PIPA when dealing with a person’s insurance information and claim activity. Though it may at times appear frustrating, having acts in place that look out for the individual’s best interest, helps ensure abuse of information does not occur.

There was a time when Dental Offices in Calgary were able to access the fine details of a patient’s benefit plan.  This was a treat for the patient, who did not have to familiarize themselves with insurance details, but became a huge responsibility for Calgary dental offices to stay on top of plan changes, and somewhat of a nightmare for insurance companies to field a mass of calls daily from enquiring dental offices. Consequently, in the last few years more and more insurance companies do not disclose any insurance details to the dental team. The change in communication has meant that the responsibility is put on the patient to be informed of their dental plan and to relay this information to the dental team.

Insurance companies, like Sun Life, often do not correspond with a Calgary Dentist or dental team but send predeterminations and coverage information directly to the patient.  What insurance companies have done to make things easier is allow patients to log-on to their websites, create an account and access claim history and coverage details.  This access means that the patient can check on any outstanding claim or pre-determination and follow-up accordingly.

Dental teams in Calgary are never informed of plan changes by insurance companies.  It is up to the patient to keep the dentist and team aware of any changes to their dental coverage.

At Bite Dental in South Calgary, Dr. Andy Hoe and his team are happy to submit your dental claim electronically and accept payment from your insurance company.  In order for this be a smooth process, staff at Bite Dental ask that you provide accurate information, and keep them informed of all changes.

A dental claim cannot be submitted without knowing the name of the Insurance Company, the Group or Contract number assigned, and the Subscriber’s Individual Certificate or I. D number. This information is often found on a wallet sized card that your Human Resources Department has handed out.  Providing your South Calgary dental team with this information will ensure that your claim is submitted and paid in a timely manner.

Bite Dental welcomes new patients and are happy to answer any questions you have regarding dental claim submission. This South Calgary Dental Office is located in the neighbourhood of Shawnessy, just blocks from Macleod Trail South.


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