Dental Mouthguards…Why Your Shawnessy Dentist Wants You Protected

Hockey may just have started for NHL players, but it’s been in full swing for months for many young Calgarians.  This fast paced, high contact sport, demands the use of a dental mouthguard and Calgary DentistDr. Andy Hoe – can attest to the often devastating outcome of not protecting teeth.

But it’s not just hockey that requires the use of a dental sportsguard; Ringette, Lacrosse, and even Soccer, necessitate the use of a mouthguard to protect teeth from being knocked out, chipped and damaged. Any sport that presents a chance of impact with an object (hockey puck) or other player means ensuring that teeth are protected.

Investing in a custom made mouthguard is a beneficial step in protecting yours or your child’s smile.  Adults playing hockey are just at risk for tooth injury as a young child and a custom sportsguard guards against having that new bridge knocked out! Bite Dental, a South Calgary Dental Office, recommends the use of custom sportsguard as the customization allows the dental lab to fabricate the guard with the right amount of shock absorbency and level of comfort.  Though ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards are cost effective, they don’t always provide the fit that is essential to a guard being fully effective.

The important part of this message is that teeth need to be protected during participation in contact sports. The cost of dental treatment to repair broken teeth, crowns and bridges, can far exceed the cost of a sportsguard.  Call your Calgary Dentist and request an appointment for a custom sportsguard….that’s a goal everyone will applaud.

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