South Calgary Dentist Encourages Your Child To Brush

South Calgary Dentist, Dr. Andy Hoe, explains that until a child is doing an adequate job of brushing and flossing, it’s important for parents to actively participate in this daily routine. Seldom do children under the age of ten effectively clean their teeth.  The combination of undeveloped dexterity, short attention span and the desire to ‘eat’ the toothpaste and not brush, all adds up to teeth that tend to have a lot of sticky plaque left on them.  The plaque contains bacteria and, if left on tooth surfaces, causes the development of cavities.

Supervising your child’s brushing is an important step in ensuring that they not only brush efficiently but for the correct amount of time.  A stress-free way of counting down the minutes while your child brushes, is by using an adapted egg-timer, available at your Calgary Dental Office.  This tried and true gadget, that makes sure little ones don’t stop brushing too soon, is easily carried in a purse, which makes it perfect for sleep-overs and vacations.  Electric toothbrushes have built-in timers and are a great option for developing healthy brushing.

As with every area of modern-day life; there are ‘apps’ available to encourage even the most reluctant of brushers to step on up to the sink.  A popular app for young children is Nurdle Time by Macleans. ‘Nurdles’ show kids the right way to brush while a catchy tune plays to make sure they keep brushing…right to the last note.  Google Play also offers other programs that develop brushing technique and timing.

Making brushing a ‘family affair’ is probably the most valuable experience a young person can have.  Seeing how important brushing and flossing is to Mom and Dad can help motivate young members of a family.  And if a child is wearing any form or orthodontic dental appliance, brushing after meals and at bedtime is essential to ensure teeth remain healthy throughout treatment.  Orthodontic appliances and braces are food traps and if not cleaned adequately can contribute to the formation of cavities.

As a father of two young children, this Shawnessy Dentist understands the importance of instilling good oral hygiene habits and welcomes your questions regarding keeping your child’s teeth healthy.

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