South Calgary Dentist Shares Tips For Your Child’s First Dental Visit

It’s no surprise that the thought of taking a cute little toddler to their first dental visit fills most of us with dread.  How is that going to be a fun time? But it’s important that parents take heart, your child’s first trip to a South Calgary Dentist can be fun, for all involved.

Like all successful endeavours in life, preparation is vital; and this also applies to bringing your child to the dentist. The Alberta Dental Association recommends that your child see a dentist by the age of one, or when their first tooth appears.  Astonishingly babies can get cavities, so it’s important to begin the healthy life-long habit of visiting the dentist regularly, and as early as possible.  While your South Calgary Dentist is always on-hand to make recommendations and offer guidance concerning the dental health of your young child, never hesitate to bring your child to the dentist if you have concerns regarding your child’s dental health.  Your child may not be at an age to clearly communicate pain and discomfort.  Always choose caution and book an appointment with your Calgary Dentist.

So when your child is at the right age to see the dentist, what are the appropriate steps to take to ensure the visit is a happy experience? Always speaking favourably of your own dental visits is a great place to start.  Children learn what they live, so if they hear a lot of negative words surrounding the dentist, chances are high that they will adopt a downbeat attitude towards seeking dental care.

One of the most powerful steps you can take in creating confidence surrounding dental appointments is role playing.  Using your child’s stuffed toys, props like dental floss, brushes, even a small amount of water for rinsing, will help create the dental experience. Letting your child look in your mouth and count your teeth is a great way to prepare for what normally occurs during a first dental visit.  Using positive and encouraging words to let your child know they are going to be just fine is essential to avoiding creating anxiety and nerves.  Brushing and flossing as a family will allow even the youngest member of your family to view it as part of a normal daily routine. Having their teeth checked and polished by a Calgary Dentist will be a natural progression to an established healthy habit.

If your little one is fortunate to have older siblings who are already comfortable visiting the dentist, it’s a good idea to bring everyone to an appointment so that they see what fun it is and that everyone is happy.  If there are some nerves around visiting the dentist for a parent it may be a good idea for the non-anxious parent to bring the child to all dental appointments.  Giving your child an opportunity to develop a healthy attitude towards dental care is the first step towards optimum dental health.

Dr. Andy Hoe, a Calgary Dentist located in Shawnessy South Calgary, welcomes the referrals of your young family members.  Working with an experienced dental team, Dr. Hoe is able to create a positive experience for patients of all ages.  Call today 403.201.2483




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