What’s Living In Your Toothbrush?

It’s claimed that scientists have found over 10 million bacteria living in a single toothbrush! Without being overly dramatic; that’s as many bacteria found on your toilet brush.

Changing your toothbrush regularly is paramount to the health of not only your mouth; but your overall wellbeing.  Calgary Dentists recommend that your manual toothbrush be changed at least every three months or sooner if you’ve been sick. For those who prefer to use an electric toothbrush; consider purchasing an electric toothbrush that comes with a UV Sanitizer.  Thiswill allow you to use the toothbrush head with confidence, knowing that harmful bacteria have been destroyed.

Shawnessy Dentist, Dr. Andy Hoe, knows that with flu season well upon us it’s important to stress the need to replace infected toothbrushes immediately to avoid becoming re-infected. RNA viruses (viruses that cause influenza) can linger on toothbrush bristles and delay your recovery.  Replacing your toothbrush will not only prevent the spread of germs but accelerate how fast you fight off the bug.

Keep your toothbrush upright, in a well-ventilated area, not in a case, and out of water to help quicken the drying process which will in turn help reduce germ formation. A moist environment is the perfect place for bacteria to breed; harmful bacteria are destroyed after exposure to oxygen.  Not only is regular replacement of your toothbrush essential to your day to day health, but worn out bristles are ineffective when it comes to removing plaque from tooth surfaces.

In addition to your toothbrush harboring the influenza virus other viruses and bacteria such as Herpes Simplex I, Streptococci Bacteria, Staphylococci Bacteria and even E. Coli have also been found lurking in bristles.  Acquiring ideal dental health consists of regular check-ups with your South Calgary Dentist, frequent visits to your dental hygienist and great home care.  Part of great home care is remembering to replace your toothbrush regularly…start today with a new brush and make a point of replacing it every three months.

Bite Dental is happy to offer recommendations for both manual and electric toothbrushes.  Call today to make an appointment with one of Bite’s experienced hygienists and discover the options available to you. 403.201.2483

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