Healthy Diet…Healthy Teeth

Dentists in Calgary focus on creating and maintaining optimum dental health for their patients. Achieving an ideal level of dental health begins with seeing your South Calgary Dentist  and hygienist for regular exams and cleanings, maintaining good home care, eating foods rich in nutrients and avoiding activities like smoking that damages oral tissue health.

Eating a healthy balanced diet plays an important role in keeping your teeth healthy and your smile bright.  A diet that contains foods from different food groups, including fruits and vegetables, healthy starches, lean protein and some dairy will help ensure that you are taking in vital nutrients and not having too much from one particular group – sugars!

Bite Dental in South Calgary encourages patients to reach for non-sugar-laden treats and drinks as exposure to too much sugar can cause tooth decay due to its interaction with plaque – the sticky substance that lives on teeth.  Brushing several times a day ensures that plaque is removed from tooth surfaces (flossing removes the plaque between teeth). If plaque is not removed it produces acid as it eats away the sugars that are present in the mouth.  The acid causes the enamel of a tooth to become weakened and therefore susceptible to progressing in to a cavity.  Rinsing after eating something sugary will help if you’re not able to brush and floss your teeth right away. By maintaining good home care and visiting your Calgary Dental office for a dental cleaning on a regular basis helps prevent tooth decay from starting. Bite Dental wants you to enjoy that caramel cluster – just remember to brush afterwards.

Bite Dental is a General Dental Practice located in the neighbourhood of Shawnessy in South Calgary. This South Calgary Dental office welcomes new patients and encourages you to contact the office to schedule an exam and cleaning.  If you’ve been neglecting your dental health, now’s the time to turn to an experienced dental team who will have you smiling in no time.  Call today 403.201.2483

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