Seeing Your Hygienist For Regular Cleanings in Calgary

Calgary Dentists can fully appreciate the numerous health benefits that regular cleanings offer patients – in fact Dentists in Calgary will admit that seeing your hygienist regularly for a dental cleaning is probably one of the best things you can do for excellent dental health – and overall health.

Dr. Andy Hoe – a Calgary Dentist practicing at Bite Dental in South Calgary – recognizes that patients who follow a regular appointment schedule for routine check-ups and cleanings reap the rewards of healthy teeth and gums and also the monitoring of other general health issues.  Lack of routine dental cleanings, along with poor homecare, can put a patient at risk for gum disease, infection, bone loss and tooth decay. But what is important to note that certain dental conditions, like gum disease and oral infections, can impact an individual’s overall health and lead to a variety of general health concerns such as heart disease and stroke.

Seeing your Calgary Hygienist for regular cleanings is even more important for those patients who are diabetic as having diabetes can increase the occurrence of oral infections and dry mouth.  Dry mouth effects the health of oral tissues – left unaddressed it can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease – conditions that ultimately detract from a person’s health and vitality.

Hygienists are highly trained, skilled, dental providers who are knowledgeable in both recognizing the signs of poor oral hygiene and in setting up a treatment plan to help regain a patient’s oral health.  Committing to regular periodontal cleanings is the first step in reclaiming not only your dental health, but improving your entire health.

At Bite Dental in South Calgary, Dr. Hoe and his team of hygienists are able to provide hygiene services to patients of all ages and oral health needs. Focusing on providing customized dental care allows this Shawnessy Dental Office to keep patients smiling – even during appointments.  This South Calgary Dental office welcomes new patients and invites you to contact them regarding appointment availability – call today 403.201.2483

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