Shawnessy Dentist – Providing Dental Care for You and Your Family

Dr. Andy Hoe has been providing dental care to the communities of Shawnessy, Evergreen, Midnapore and Sundance for many years.  This South Calgary Dentist is experienced in providing general dentistry to patients of all ages – and all levels of dental confidence.  Whether it’s SEDATION DENTISTRY or ONE APPOINTMENT SAME DAY CROWNS you’re looking for; Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in Shawnessy is able to offer General Dental Services to you and your family.

One Appointment Dental Crowns in South Calgary
Using world trusted technology by Sirona – creators of Cerec One Visit Crowns – Dr. Hoe and staff are able to have you smiling in just one dental visit.  Cerec crowns are placed in a single appointment – eliminating the need for temporary crowns and a second appointment. One of the numerous benefits of One Appointment Crowns is being able to achieve years’ worth of dentistry in just one visit.  This advantage provides the perfect solution for the nervous patient who has been delaying necessary dental treatment.

Imagine going to the dentist in Calgary today and receiving all your dental treatment in just one appointment!  If you’re still feeling nervous and apprehensive about facing a dental appointment – Dr. Hoe provides Sedation Dentistry for those who need a little extra TLC – make sure you keep Bite Dental informed of any changes to your medical health – as Sedation Dentistry may not be for everyone.

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary
Feeling sick at the mere thought of visiting your South Calgary Dentist? It doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking experience – in fact a trip to the dentist can be a calm, relaxed and highly productive time for a nervous patient when Sedation Dentistry is provided. Low dose Sedation Dentistry is a technique used to allow even the most fearful of patients to receive dental care comfortably and safely.  It involves taking a sedative pill that induces a state of relaxation and has an amnesic effect.  At no point during the dental appointment does the patient lose consciousness – but is in a sedated condition that allows responsive communication.   The relaxed state means that facial muscles don’t tense up – contributing to pain free dentistry.  If you are considering Sedation Dentistry contact Bite Dental today for more in-depth information and instruction.

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