Dental Care for Calgary Seniors

Our last blog highlighted the importance of regular dental cleanings in Calgarywhich is especially important for aging members of our community to help prevent serious dental issues.  Seniors in Calgary are often challenged when it comes to dental home care due to; arthritis (which leads to poor dexterity), being bed ridden, disorders like Parkinson’s disease, and mental degeneration that affects the ability to remember the importance of daily brushing and flossing.

Making Daily Brushing Easier in Calgary
For patients who find it hard to brush their teeth due to physical challenges
; seeing their SW Calgary Dentist on a regular basis is imperative.  Regular dental visits in Calgary provide an opportunity for the dentist, and hygienist, to monitor an individual’s dental health and intervene before minor concerns become bigger issues.  This is an essential step for our aging population as the natural aging process impacts the mouth just like other parts of the body.  Regular trips to a Calgary Dentist can also help prevent surprises, resulting in large dental expenses, which can be alarming and financially limiting for some seniors.  Getting old comes with a basket of health challenges – seeing a Calgary Dentist on a routine basis can help reduce some health concerns.

How Aging Impacts Teeth
We’ve mentioned how physical challenges can make it hard for seniors to brush and floss their teeth both regularly and effectively.  Sore joints make holding a toothbrush a real task and flossing practically impossible.  Introducing seniors to the benefits of an electric toothbrush can not only improve their ability to brush but make the thought of it less stressful.  The use of an electric toothbrush can help people who have poor dexterity (think young patients, old patients and those suffering from certain diseases) clean their teeth more effectively – which involves making contact with more tooth surface to remove as much plaque as possible.  Asking your Calgary Dentist for some floss wands (again perfect for young patients as well) means a neglected step in routine home care can be re-introduced.  Floss wands remove the need to ‘thread floss between teeth’ and allow seniors to reach back teeth which may have been ignored due to sore joints and hands.  Tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease is a concern for seniors – and the lack of daily care increases the risk of these conditions which leads to pain and discomfort.  Tooth loss, due to decay or periodontal disease, creates an additional issue – the ability to eat nutritious food.  For seniors to keep a level of overall health; nutrition plays an important role.  With tooth loss the ability to chew food adequately (which extracts nutrients) is reduced.   Lack of chewing function contributes to indigestion, sore jaw joints and poor nutritional intake – and makes the thought of eating a stressful event.  Maintaining regular trips to a Calgary Dentist throughout a lifetime can reduce tooth loss due to decay and gum/periodontal disease and ensures that eating is a fun thing to do – no matter how old we are.

Medications and Dry Mouth
Certain medications can cause dry mouth – and dry mouth can increase the propensity for tooth decay and gum issues
.  It’s not uncommon for seniors to be taking many medications – all of which may be increasing the condition of dry mouth – which can undo the hard work a patient is doing daily to keep their mouth healthy.  But there are some effective mouth rinses and toothpastes that address dry mouth and restore a level of comfort and health to the mouth.  The straight talk is that there are many tools, products and resources available to help seniors maintain their dental health – and one of those resources is seeing a SW Calgary Dentist today.  Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in Shawnessy sees patients of all ages and dental health and welcomes new patients to his practice.  Dr. Hoe’s team is trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of certain dental issues that present in aging patients and are equipped to provide treatment options to patients – both young and old.  Call this Shawnessy Dentist today 403.201.2483.

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