Teeth Cleaning in Calgary – Why It’s Important to See Your Hygienist Regularly

Bad Breath in Calgary may be one motivating factor that gets you to make an appointment for a dental cleaning; but there are many health benefits associated with regular oral cleanings that not only address bad breath concerns but potential overall health issues.  In our previous blogs we’ve mentioned the positive impact dental cleanings have on an individual’s physical health – reducing risk of stroke and heart disease – and how forming a great relationship with your dental hygienist may be the best ‘long-term relationship’ you’ll have.

Why Clean Your Teeth?
Dental cleanings in Calgary may be the best thing you ever do for your teeth.  Think of regular dental cleanings as a routine ‘health check’ just like taking your vehicle in for an oil change.  Your mechanic recommends seeing your vehicle every 6000km or so – this provides an opportunity to perform some routine maintenance but also monitor the overall condition of your vehicle – allowing for early intervention that can prevent bigger, more expensive repairs down the road.  Everyone understands the importance of preventing large mechanical bills – well it’s no different when it comes to your dental health – routine dental cleanings provide the same preventative measures to keep your health up and dental bills down.  Dentists in Calgary stress the importance of preventative dental care – because they know how neglect of your dental health can lead to tooth decay, periodontal and gum disease, and potential tooth loss.  Teeth cleanings in Calgary aren’t recommended just to keep teeth white and your breath fresh; bright white smiles are a by-product of regular cleanings – far more health benefits are achieved – benefits that will keep you smiling for a lifetime.

Dental Plaque – A Sticky Situation
Dental Plaque removal is often the reason why patients see their Calgary Hygienist. Plaque is found on all teeth – young and old – and requires regular removal to prevent further concerns.  Dental plaque is a bio-film (any group of micro-organisms in which cells stick together) made up of DNA, Proteins and Polysaccharides (carbohydrates which are made up of sugar and starches). Plaque’s yellow color give teeth an unattractive, unhealthy appearance; but if not removed can go on to cause real dental concerns such as enamel and root decay, gum disease and bone loss.  When your SW Calgary Dentist encourages you to see a hygienist for a dental cleaning – it’s so plaque can be removed to prevent further concerns.  When plaque is not removed through good home care – effective daily brushing and flossing – the need to see a hygienist for a dental cleaning becomes even more valuable because un-removed plaque goes on to harden and become calculus – which cannot be removed with a toothbrush. A build-up of calculus provides a surface for more plaque to stick to due to its rough surface. Calculus causes gum irritation and inflammation – when gums are inflamed they become puffy and in an attempt to get away from the irritation source, pulls away from the tooth surface – creating a pocket for food to be trapped – creating more bacteria, plaque and calculus.   The result can cause root decay, gum recession and bone loss – creating a potential for premature tooth loss.

See Your Calgary Dentist and Hygienist Today
Dr. Andy Hoe, a SW Calgary Dentist, and his team of hygienists recommend regular dental cleanings that are designed to address an individual’s level of plague formation.  Not every patient can maintain a healthy mouth by seeing the hygienist every 6 months due to forming plaque at a fast rate.  It’s not uncommon for some patients to have to see a hygienist every 3 to 4 months to maintain good oral hygiene.  Regardless of what the ‘norm’ is; it’s important to have your teeth professionally cleaned at intervals that allow you to create and maintain the highest level of dental health. Dr. Andy Hoe and his staff at Bite Dental in Shawnessy are available to discuss all aspects of dental hygiene – call this SW Calgary Dental office today and schedule an appointment for a dental cleaningBite Dental provides the courtesy of direct billing to your insurance – call today 403.201.2483

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