Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary

Dentists in Calgary love to help create beautiful white smiles – it’s what they are instinctively drawn to do, based on the numerous rewards a patient gains from having healthy teeth.  Our previous blogs have highlighted the many overall health benefits that are attained from maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  Just so you’re not tempted to slack off on the daily brushing and flossing – here’s a recap of the top health advantages that come from prioritizing your dental health.

Risk of Heart Disease is reduced – Chronic inflammation from gum disease is linked to the development of blocked blood vessels, cardiac disease, and increase risk for stroke.  Inflammation of the mouth translates to inflammation of the body, so don’t ignore bleeding gums; make an appointment to see your Calgary Dentist to ensure that a mild case of gingivitis doesn’t become the precursor for a heart attack.

Blood Sugars are kept in check – People who have diabetes, or the early signs of the disease, benefit greatly from regular dental care.  Removing dental plague and calculus from tooth surfaces helps reduce the amount of bacteria in the body.  Diabetics have a hard time fighting infections; so by controlling the amount of bacteria present in the mouth can contribute to a diabetic’s general health.

Reduces systemic inflammation in the body – Bacteria that are present in the mouth travel to other parts of the body, courtesy of the blood system.  The travelling bacterium causes inflammation to occur to other tissues and has been linked to causing inflammation of joints.

Contributes to high self-esteem and confidence – Healthy teeth and gums contribute to a person’s self-image and quality of life.  When teeth and gums are at their optimum level of health, every day events like eating, drinking, talking, and smiling are way easier and more rewarding.  But what are the options for individuals who are doing everything they can to keep their teeth and gums healthy and are still not happy with the appearance of their smile?

Dr. Andy Hoe is a dentist in South Calgary who offers patients cosmetic dental solutions to improve their smile and their self-confidence – when no amount of brushing and flossing is working.  Providing Zoom Whitening to patients who are motivated to give their smile a brighter, whiter, look – this at home or in office application can take teeth from dull and stained to Hollywood standard in just a few hours.  A teeth whitening system that has lightened some teeth up to eight shades in one session, Zoom Whitening is a great option for those who have a graduation, wedding, or family reunion coming up this summer. For more information on teeth whitening in Calgary – contact this Shawnessy Dental office today.  All procedures are performed by a General Dentist and the following services are available: Exams and Digital X-rays, Teeth Cleanings, One Visit Crowns, Sedation Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Tooth Extractions, Cosmetic Dentistry.  Accepting new patients, this Calgary Dentist provides direct billing to insurance companies affordable payment options that allow you to move forward with treatment. 

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