Dental Crowns and Veneers

Calgary Dentists spend many hours placing crowns and veneers to improve patients’ dental health and smiles’.  Whether the goal is to restore a tooth that has been chipped or broken, improve size and shape of a tooth, strength a tooth that has an existing large filling, or to hide any signs of discolouration on front teeth – crowns and veneers offer versatility and durability that enables a Calgary Dentist to enhance a patient’s existing smile and level of oral health.

Dr. Andy Hoe, a Calgary Dentist who offers Cerec Same Day Crowns and Veneers has witnessed first-hand the amazing results this technology creates in just one appointment.  With a proven track record for creating precision fitting, esthetically pleasing, and functionally viable crowns and veneers – the Cerec process allows dentists to keep as much as the natural tooth structure as possible while it mills a minimally invasive restoration.  Using Cerec’s 3D camera to take a digital impression of the tooth preparation – a new crown, veneer, or inlay is fabricated chairside – all in one appointment.  Due to the digital impression there is no need to take a traditional ‘mold’ of the prepped tooth; and the need for a temporary crown is also nulled due to the final restoration being placed at the initial appointment.  Because all treatment is completed in a single visit – Cerec technology has enabled years’ worth of dentistry to be accomplished in just one appointment.

Dentists in Calgary are experienced Cerec providers – having had access to the technology for decades.  With ongoing advancements being made to the ceramic; Cerec has come a long way from being used for only crowns, to now being utilized to fabricate the delicate, cosmetically satisfying, porcelain veneers.  Imagine going to the dentist tomorrow and leaving with a new smile. That’s the versatility Cerec Same Day Crowns and Veneers provides.  But efficiency isn’t the only advantage to having a Cerec Crown, Veneer or Inlay – the precision of fabrication translates to a customized fit that reduces sensitivity that may occur with a traditional crown.  The ceramic’s ability to expand and contracts just like natural tooth structure, so behaves predictably in the mouth, and can withstand the forces of opposing teeth.  Unlike porcelain fused to metal crowns, the ceramic used in Cerec restorations are biocompatible and aren’t at risk for revealing any ugly grey shadowing at the gum line as there is no metal present.

Providing treatment options that honour a patient’s dental health, overall health, and time, is something that this Shawnessy Dentist takes seriously.  Dr. Hoe and his staff spend time taking continuing education courses to make sure that they remain current in all aspects of dental care.  Adhering to a strict sterilization protocol and privacy act stipulations – patients can feel relaxed and well taken care of in the Calgary Dental office.  Contact one of Bite Dental’s experienced staff today to learn more about Cerec One Appointment crowns, veneers, and inlays – accepting new patients and providing Direct Billing to your insurance company as a courtesy – 403.201.2483

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