Wisdom Teeth – Why They Need To Be Extracted

Wisdom teeth, or 3rd molars, are the last permanent teeth to erupt.  Most adults have their wisdom teeth by the age of 21; however we need to mention that some people never experience the eruption of their wisdom teeth because they never developed the buds that would eventually become wisdom teeth.  Like the appendix; wisdom teeth are being phased out due to evolution.

South Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – shares some insight as to why many dentists in Calgary recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth.  The eruption of these 3rd molars isn’t always a smooth event; in fact for many young adults these troublesome teeth can lead to an unexpected trip to the dentist in search of pain relief.  Why do wisdom teeth cause problems during or after eruption? The main reasons are:

Partial eruption of wisdom teeth – some wisdom teeth make an attempt at eruption and break through bone and partially through the soft tissue (gum).  Then due to not enough space or lack of signals to continue erupting – the tooth does not make it fully through the gum.  The result is a flap of gum that partially covers the crown of the tooth.  This flap of tissue becomes a food trap – leading to gum infection.  3rd molars are the farthest teeth back in the mouth which makes them hard to keep clean regardless of whether they are fully erupted or not.  Having a partially erupted tooth is practically impossible to keep clean from bacteria and it’s only a matter of time before infection begins.  Partially erupted wisdom teeth that are unable to erupt fully are extracted to avoid the risk of developing pericoronitis – inflammation of the tissue surrounding the crown of the tooth.  Always follow-up with your dentist in Calgary if any tooth has only partially erupted; as leaving it may cause more serious problems down the road.

Wisdom teeth are crooked or facing the wrong way – even if wisdom teeth manage to erupt fully, they often present tipped, crooked, or leaning on the tooth in front.  If not removed, the tipped wisdom tooth can cause damage to the other tooth structure.  Your Dentist in Calgary will take a full mouth x-ray – called a panorex – to accurately diagnose the position and health of the 3rd molars.  The x-ray will sometimes reveal wisdom teeth pressing on the roots of the 2nd molars.  Dr. Hoe, of Bite Dental, explains that if not extracted the wisdom teeth will continue to press on the roots of the 2nd molars, causing them to erode and increasing the chance of losing the teeth.

Whether a General Dentist in Calgary, or an Oral Surgeon, extracts your wisdom teeth; all dentists would agree that the best time to take these teeth out is before they’re causing problems.  For many young adults the best time to extract wisdom teeth is after high school and before going off to University.  The last thing a University student needs is a raging toothache – so contact your dentist this summer to schedule an appointment or consultation regarding wisdom tooth extraction.

For more information regarding the extraction of wisdom teeth  – contact Bite Dental – 403.201.2483

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