Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary

According to Wikipedia; Cosmetic Dentistry is defined as dentistry that ‘improves the appearance (though not necessarily the function) of a person’s teeth, gums, and/or bite’. Dentists in Calgary consist of some of the most talented cosmetic dentists in North America – and what makes them excel in this area of dentistry is their ability to not only create a beautiful smile, but a functional, healthy bite as well.

When Wikipedia states that Cosmetic Dentistry doesn’t necessarily address the function of a person’s mouth – they are referring to occasions when a patient may seek a purely cosmetic result – without any attention being given to how teeth function during speech, chewing, and at rest (potential to grind).  Seeking a cosmetic solution to a smile that may cause a patient to avoid photos and social gatherings is a normal occurrence that Calgary Dentists treat each day – however, Calgary Dentists still focus on the overall dental picture and aim to address a patient’s cosmetic concerns while improving their entire dental system.

Dentists in Calgary are trained to diagnose the interaction of teeth in the top and bottom arches during movement and at rest.  If a patient presents with shortened, flattened, worn teeth, it may be an indication that they are grinding teeth due to habit or in an attempt to create a more comfortable bite.  Placing brand new dentistry in to a mouth that has already worn through existing dentistry and/or natural tooth structure has to be completed in such a way that further destruction is reduced.

South Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – has many years’ experience restoring patients’ mouths that are worn down due to clenching, grinding, habit bite, and loss of teeth.  Providing dental solutions that begin with thorough dental cleanings, to ensure that gum health is at its best in preparation for restorative treatment and using technology that reduces the time spent in the dental chair, this SW Calgary Dentist understands what it takes to meet the cosmetic goals of the patient, without compromising the overall health of the dental system. Bite Dental in Shawnessy is a General Dental practice that provides Cerec Same Day Crowns, Zoom Whitening, Cosmetic Dental Solutions, along with routine dental care and cleanings.  Accepting New Patients – call today to schedule an appointment and to discover how this South Calgary Dental office can improve your smile and your dental health.

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