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Sedation Dentistry in SW Calgary

30 Sep 2013
Bite Dental

Sedation Dentistry is, for some patients, the only option when it comes to completing dental treatment.  Gripped by anxiety that makes a routine dental appointment feel more like an interrogation by the FBI – many patients turn to the easy, but effective, option of Sedation Dentistry. SW Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe has years of experience…

Worn Down Teeth – How your Calgary Dentist Can Help

26 Sep 2013
Bite Dental

SW Calgary DentistDr. Andy Hoe - has many years of experience treating patients who have worn down teeth due to grinding and clenching, bite issues, injury or life style. Having a beautiful smile with teeth of  correct length, shape, and colour, is something that many people aspire to but don’t know where to go to receive a high level of…

Clenching and Grinding – Why You Need to See a Calgary Dentist

17 Sep 2013
Bite Dental

You’ve been doing it for years – your wife has commented on it – and your teeth are sure showing the signs of itClenching and Grinding – what was once a sporadic habit brought on during times of stress has now become a daily event, leaving broken teeth and sleepless nights in its pathTeeth grinding, or Bruxism, is the…

Stay Healthy and Happy with Preventative Dental Care

08 Sep 2013
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Life isn’t always predictable and when unplanned rainy day moments arrive it’s often easy to neglect your health and wellbeing.  Maintaining routine dental appointments during the down times of life can not only help you avoid expensive dental treatment but help keep your overall health in check.

South Calgary Dentist Dr. Andy Hoe – understands that keeping regular dental appointments