Healthy Teeth For Life – Tips to Live By

Keeping your families teeth healthy brings many rewards – beautiful family photos, an absence of toothaches and hefty dental bills, high nutritional intake due to efficient chewing, and keeping your teeth and oral health in tip-top condition helps prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease.  Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South Calgary is a family man who stresses the importance of caring for yours and your family’s oral health and shares some easy tips on how to keep your smile bright.


Even Dr. Hoe admits that dental issues can’t always be avoided – so regular trips to your South Calgary Dentist is essential to ensure that concerns are caught early and treated swiftly.  Delaying or avoiding routine dental care often back-fires; leading to significant damage that may require extensive dental treatment to restore teeth to a healthy condition.  Regular visits to a Calgary Dentist ensure that decay is caught at an early stage – allowing your dental team to take dental x-rays is important for early detection – and gum health is optimal.  Bleeding, itchy, inflamed gums is a sure sign that your dental health is being neglected in some way – skipping flossing at bedtime in an attempt to hit the pillow fast will cause gums to become inflamed due to bacterium in plaque reacting with residual food particles.

This Shawnessy Dentist also goes on to explain that ‘you are what you eat’ – and healthy teeth require healthy food choices.  Making sure your diet is full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates goes a long way in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.  Avoiding sugary sodas is probably one of the best things you can do to prevent tooth decay – as some of today’s sugary drinks contain a whopping 40grams of sugar!  When sugary drinks are consumed, sugar is being rinsed around the mouth and reacting with bacteria which creates acid that destroys tooth enamel.  Making water the drink of choice will reduce your family’s exposure to sugar – helping to prevent diseases like diabetes and reducing the risk for tooth decay.

The dental team at Bite Dental in Calgary try to help patients avoid unwanted trips to the dentist– acknowledging that regular dental cleanings and exams are the foundation of a healthy mouth this Shawnessy Dental Office encourages patients to maintain scheduled appointments and to make home care an important step in creating beautiful smiles.  If you are looking for a dentist in South Calgary – Dr. Andy Hoe welcomes new patients – contact the office today 403.201.2483


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