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Halloween is fast approaching which means sugary treats and gooey smiles.  And though Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South Calgary is all about having fun – the thought of trapped sugar bugs being present on beautiful smiles just makes him cringe.  So yes, Halloween is a time for super diligence when it comes to choosing your favorite sugary treat – and when it comes to brushing and flossing effectively to remove all remnants of candy.

What can happen if sugar bugs are left to linger on some little goblin’s teeth? Well tooth decay forms when the bacteria on our teeth – present in plaque and calculus – feeds off the sugar or starchy substances that are left on tooth surfaces.  The ‘sugar party’ in our mouth results in the formation of acid – which eats away at tooth enamel to form a cavity.  When teeth have been exposed to an increase in sugar the resulting acid formation can contribute to a spike in tooth decay - especially if regular brushing and flossing is being neglected.

South Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – recommends paying more attention to the amount of sugar your child (or you) consumes over special holidays like Halloween and Christmas.  It’s easy for sugar cravings to become heightened after a few days of increased exposure – leading to the desire for more sugary treats – and increasing the potential for developing tooth decay.  No one is suggesting that candy be banned, but exercising restraint and choosing more ‘healthy treats’ can get you through the holidays cavity free.

Dr. Hoe advises allowing your child to eat a small amount of Halloween candy - approximately three to four pieces a day - and then immediately brush and floss.  Try to avoid allowing your child to munch on candy through0ut the day – as the constant washing of sugar around the mouth sets up the perfect environment for cavity formation.  Encouraging your child to choose a piece of chocolate over a sticky, chewy treat, also goes a long way to reducing the amount of sugar exposure and residue left on tooth surfaces.  And if your child is wearing orthodontic braces – stay well away from anything chewy, sticky, or hard – as not only will the candy get stuck around orthodontic brackets – the chance of breaking a bracket or wire is increased.

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