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Whiten Your Teeth For Christmas

29 Nov 2013
Bite Dental

Does your stained or darkened teeth have you worried about an upcoming Christmas party and the potential for photos?  Don’t stress over dull teeth, as a session of Zoom Whitening System will have your teeth as white as snow in no time.  This teeth whitening system from Philips, the maker of the trusted Sonicare Toothbrush,…

Gum Disease…Don’t Let It Ruin Your Heart

24 Nov 2013
Bite Dental

If you’ve been following our blog over the past year it will come as no surprise to learn that this SW Calgary Dental office takes your dental health seriously.  Dr. Andy Hoe and his team at Bite Dental in Shawnessy strive to make sure that patients are equipped with information to make good dental choices.  What this Calgary Dentist would like…

Ten Fun Facts About Teeth

18 Nov 2013
Bite Dental

Conversations about teeth aren’t usually considered to be the most ‘fun’ – after all, a lot of tooth talk involves sharing stories of having wisdom teeth removed or an unplanned root canal.  But teeth are important, even baby teeth, and deserve to bask in the lime-light.

1. Did you know that Napoleon and Julius Caesar were both born with teeth?  Approximately one…

Healthy Food for Your Teeth

14 Nov 2013
Bite Dental

Grabbing a snack that’s both satisfying and healthy for your smile can be challenging as often the most convenient thing on hand is laden with sugar.  Shawnessy Dentist - Dr. Andy Hoe – wants dental patients in Calgary to be able to enjoy food and keep healthy, vibrant teeth.

This South West Calgary Dentist explains that the best thing patients can do for their…