Dental Insurance – Use It or Lose It

Insuance-Benefits-1If you are fortunate enough to have dental benefits, now is a great time to get any outstanding dental treatment completed before 2014.  Many dental insurance policies renew on January 1st of each year – and any unused coverage that you may have from the previous year is lost.  If you know that you’re overdue for a check-up and cleaning, or have more extensive dental treatment to be completed, this is the time to contact your Calgary Dentist to arrange an appointment before January 1st rolls around.

Dr. Andy Hoe and his staff of Bite Dental in Shawnessy work hard to encourage patients to become familiarized with their plan details and annual benefits.  Dental insurance companies take FOIP seriously; meaning that more often than not, they will only correspond with and release dental plan information to the subscriber (the person who holds the policy).  As much as Calgary Dental Offices would like to be able to answer patients questions regarding plan maximums, limitations on scaling units, x-rays and exams, they are prevented by doing so due to insurance companies not corresponding with dental offices.

Being familiar with your dental plan details means you can make treatment decisions quickly and make the most of your dental coverage.  It’s not uncommon for thousands of dollars to go unused each year due to patients not following up on treatment and maximizing dental reimbursement.  You are never penalized for taking advantage of your dental coverage – but it is a use it or lose it situation - as you can not carry any unused dollars forward to the next benefit period.

For more information on maximizing your dental insurance and completing dental treatment - contact Bite Dental today – 403.204.2483 

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