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Toothache in Calgary – How it happens and what you can do to prevent it

25 Feb 2014
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There’s no denying, toothache just isn’t fun.  Thought to be primarily caused by dental decay; toothache can actually be brought on by several dental issues ranging from Gum Disease, Tooth Eruption, Temperature Sensitivity, Clenching and Grinding, and TMJ concerns.  Regardless of what causes toothache, the bottom line is that a tooth, or teeth, aren’t happy and require some dental attention from…

Dental Care In Calgary – Taking Care of Seniors

19 Feb 2014
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Maintaining great oral hygiene can keep you denture free and smiling well in to your golden years.  Our previous blogs have explained that tooth loss is attributed to periodontal disease – which can be prevented when diagnosed early and treated accordingly.  Getting older doesn’t mean tooth loss and dentures - but it does mean taking care of your dental health.

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Aging Gracefully – Keeping Your Teeth For Life

11 Feb 2014
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Surprisingly it’s not getting old that leads to tooth loss, but the effects of unmanaged gum disease.  Gum disease can occur in patients of all ages, but as we age gum disease can impact our oral health greatly, so stopping this destructive disease in its tracks is an important step in maintaining optimum dental health.

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Easy Steps To A Better Smile

03 Feb 2014
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No one can deny the impact a beautiful white smile has – and with Cosmetic Dentistry being offered by most Calgary Dentists, creating that perfect smile has never been easier.  But dental health goes beyond the colour and shape of teeth – as the health of the mouth impacts the entire system – so it’s not just about focusing on creating whiter,…