Easy Steps To A Better Smile

No one can deny the impact a beautiful white smile has – and with Cosmetic Dentistry being offered by most Calgary Dentists, creating that perfect smile has never been easier.  But dental health goes beyond the colour and shape of teeth – as the health of the mouth impacts the entire system – so it’s not just about focusing on creating whiter, brighter teeth – but in creating a healthy oral system that keeps your body happy too.

Establishing optimal dental health involves just a few easy steps and starts with effective daily brushing and flossing.  We’ve mentioned in previous blogs the power of a toothbrush (especially an electric toothbrush) but for some people this daily habit doesn’t get the care and attention is deserves.  When you brush and floss daily you remove deposits of plaque – a colourless film of bacteria that lives on tooth surfaces and makes them feel ‘fuzzy’ over time.  Plaque develops when foods containing carbohydrates (starches and sugars) are left on teeth by inadequate or ineffective brushing and flossing.  Bacterium in the mouth feed off the carbohydrates – releasing acid that erodes tooth surfaces, causing decay.  But dental plaque can also develop on root surfaces, below the gum line, leading to root decay, bone loss, and gum disease.  Taking a few minutes every day to brush and floss (flossing removes plaque in between teeth) is one simple but effective step to ensure that teeth and gums are kept healthy.

Eating a healthy diet goes a long way in keeping your teeth and oral health in optimum condition.  It goes without saying that a diet high in sugars (unhealthy carbs) increase the formation of plaque on tooth surfaces – but  a diet which includes foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin C provides the nutrients that healthy teeth and bone need – think Kale and Sardines! Our food choices have the greatest impact on our health, so choose wisely and reap the rewards a balanced diet, low in sugar, provides.

Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South Calgary explains that regular visits to your Calgary Dentist and Hygienist is an important step in achieving optimal dental health.  Having a professional cleaning with an experienced hygienist not only removes all deposits of plaque and calculus but allows a hygienist to monitor the health of gum and bone – and alert your Calgary Dentist to early signs of dental issues.

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