Sedation Dentistry in Calgary – How it Can Help Calm Dental Anxiety

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary  has calmed many an anxious dental patient and provided a way for fearful patients to receive dental care while remaining comfortable and stress-free.

For most adult dental patients - fear that is experienced when facing dental treatment usually developed during childhood and has resulted in years of dreaded dental appointments or the delaying of necessary care.  Consequently; the avoidance of dental treatment results in a deterioration of dental health and the need to have more extensive procedures and lengthy appointments – which for an anxious patient becomes completely overwhelming.

SW Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe - treats many fearful dental patients and contributes the success of appointments to the use of Oral Sedation.  Sedation Dentistry has been used by dentists for decades - and with ongoing advances in drugs and doses, Sedation Dentistry is considered a safe and effective method for creating a calm and relaxed state.

Dr. Hoe explains that Sedation Dentistry offers many advantages to both the patient and dental team.  Working on a patient who is comfortable and  stress-free but still conscious, allows a dentist and his/her staff to work efficiently and complete extensive treatment quickly.  Low dose Sedation means that patients can still communicate during an appointment and are able to respond to questions and requests.  What is important to mention is that minimum discomfort is experienced during the dental appointment due to the relaxed state – tight muscles and headaches become a thing of the past – as jaw, neck and shoulder muscles can relax.

Overcoming dental anxiety can be a very empowering experience – leading to greater confidence and enthusiasm when facing dental treatment.  Dr. Hoe, and his staff, at Bite Dental in Calgary can attest to patients who claim that Sedation Dentistry changed their lives – enabling even the most daunting of appointments to become an easy, pain-free, event.

Is Sedation Dentistry suitable for everyone? Just like many procedures; discussion with your Calgary Dentist will establish if Sedation Dentistry is a viable option for you.  Your dentist will go over your medical history and note all existing medications that you are taking to ensure that your meds and the sedative are compatible.  Other factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, intake of supplements – even consumption of grapefruit juice – can inhibit the metabolism of an Oral Sedative.

If the thought of going to the dentist makes you feel queasy – now’s the time to discover just how easy an appointment can be.  Contact Bite Dental today for more information regarding Sedation Dentistry 403.201.2483




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