Dental Crowns in Just One Appointment

The convenience and precision of Cerec – One Appointment Crowns – has patients looking forward to visiting the dentist.  Since it’s launch in 1985 – this efficient method of restoring patients teeth and smiles has evolved to accommodate the most intricate and detailed dental restorations.

Developed at the University of Zurich in 1980 by Professor Werner H. Mörmann and Doctor Marco Brandestini – Cerec technology as continued to evolve; enabling Dentists in Calgary who place Crowns in One Appointment to offer their patients a higher level of comfort, aesthetics, and function.  Designed to meet the growing need to conservatively prepare teeth for a permanent restoration, and allow dentists to deliver a restoration in just one appointment, without compromising on the fit and function – Cerec technology is trusted by over 30,000 dentists worldwide.

As with most technology – Cerec Same Day Crowns – has perfected the art of designing, milling, custom staining, and placing a permanent restoration – be it a crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer – in just one dental visit, without the need for messy impressions and temporaries.  Imagine your Calgary Dentist preparing your tooth for a crown, fabricating it literally before your eyes, and bonding it in place in under two hours.  No waiting a week for your final crown and no worrying that the temp will fall off at an inopportune moment.

South Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – is an experienced Cerec user who has been placing One Appointment Crowns and Veneers for many years.  Dr. Hoe explains that the combination of bio-compatible Ceramic (it mimics natural tooth structure), precision and detail of design and milling, along with the ability to immediately bond the final restoration, results in greater comfort (as tooth sensitivity is not an issue) and durability of restoration.

What does all this great technology and convenience mean for you? Having to make multiple dental appointments, with a trip to a dental lab for custom staining, is a thing of the past.  Multiple crowns can be placed in just one dental appointment – which not only frees up time, but reduces a patient’s level of anxiety associated with dental treatment.  Dr. Hoe and his team at Bite Dental in Shawnessy witness the many benefits of providing One Appointment Crowns and can attest to smiles being transformed in just one appointment.

To discover the many benefits of One Appointment or Same Day Crowns in Calgary – contact Bite Dental today 403.201.2483

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