Extracting Wisdom Teeth in Calgary

Nobody likes the idea of having to have a tooth extracted – after all we’re bombarded with information on ‘how to keep your teeth for a lifetime’, so the mere mention of having to have a tooth removed makes us wonder if we’re doing a good enough job of keeping our teeth healthy.  Having your wisdom teeth extracted in Calgary shouldn’t be considered a negative event; as removing these often troublesome third molars can be the best thing you’ve ever done for your dental health.

Erupting between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one; Wisdom Teeth are the last permanent teeth to erupt in the mouth and can cause some patients considerable discomfort during the eruption phase. Wisdom Teeth are situated at the very back of the mouth and can pose a challenge when it comes to keeping these molars clean, especially if they are only partially erupted.  A partially erupted Wisdom Tooth has gum tissue still covering a portion of the tooth – creating a flap for food debris and plaque to accumulate under.  The buildup of plaque and bacteria causes the tissue surrounding the tooth to become chronically inflamed – resulting in a condition known as PericoronitisThis is a painful condition that requires treatment from a Calgary Dentist to extract the Wisdom Tooth.

For some patients the eruption of Wisdom Teeth is an uneventful time and these teeth remain in the mouth for years without issues.  However, there are many patients whose Wisdom Teeth remain un-erupted (impacted), trapped by bone or soft tissue coverage.  Un-erupted Wisdom Teeth can cause a significant amount of damage to the molars in front of them – usually a result of pressing on these teeth, causing erosion of roots, tooth movement, and decay.  Pain often accompanies Impacted Wisdom Teeth due to infection and localized swelling – pain that can be avoided by removing these teeth early, when they are free of symptoms.

Dr. Andy Hoe is a Calgary Dentist who recommends that patients have Wisdom Teeth removed before they start causing other dental issues such as crowding of anterior teeth, periodontal disease, development of cysts or tumors, and repetitive infection.  Dr. Hoe offers Sedation Dentistry to patients who suffer from dental anxiety – making Wisdom Teeth removal a stress-free appointment.

For more information regarding Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary – or to schedule a dental appointment - contact Bite Dental today 403.201.2483 Welcoming New Patients.


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