Cosmetic Dentistry in South Calgary

Zoom-Whitening-In-CalgaryA great smile contributes to confidence – and according to numerous studies from psychology groups to dental forums – confidence gets you places in life.  So what do you do if you weren’t blessed with a mega-watt smile? You start with a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation with a Calgary Dentist who is knowledgeable and skilled in creating a beautiful smile that looks natural and enhances your dental health.

SW Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – of Bite Dental in Shawnessy has spent the last couple of decades helping patients achieve their dream smile; and is trusted to not only improve the look of someone’s smile – but the overall health of their teeth and gums.  Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary not only addresses esthetic concerns that have plagued patients for years, but raises the level of health in the mouth by correcting issues like crowding and crooked teeth – issues that contribute to higher plaque and calculus formation, and gum and bone inflammation.  It’s no secret that brushing and flossing teeth that are overlapping or rotated can be challenging for most people - but with select placement of paper-thin veneers and/or ceramic crowns, crookedness and misalignment of teeth can be corrected and an even, balanced, youthful smile created.

Imagine how easy it is to floss teeth that are in correct alignment and not prone to food traps that cause embarrassment and self-consciousness.  That’s just one of the many advantages of improving a smile – it actually adds to a person’s oral health by making it easier to take care of teeth and gums.  Now consider how Cosmetic Dentistry immediately straightens teeth, corrects stains and discoloring, and restores a youthful look by changing the shape and length of teeth.  And all of this can be achieved with minimal visits when you choose a SW Calgary Dentist who provides Cerec – One Appointment Crowns and Veneers.  In a matter of a few hours you can have the smile you’ve always wanted – no more crooked, crowded, stained or darkened teeth – just a beautiful healthy smile that you feel confident about.

If you have been considering whitening your smile or correcting tooth alignment – call Bite Dental today.  This SW Calgary Dental office welcomes new patients and are happy to discuss the many benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry – 403.201.2483

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