Don’t Let Summer Sports Ruin Your Smile – Wear a Mouthguard

Warmer days have finally arrived in Calgary – that means baseball, softball, lacrosse, rugby and other contact sports are in full-swing.  Recreational time in Calgary is important – after all we spend half the year cooped up inside - South Calgary Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – advises that in order to fully enjoy sport and protect your smile a Sports Mouthguard is recommended.

Dr. Hoe is a family man who understands how easily an accident can occur – and for teeth and lips to be injured.  Wearing a Custom Mouthguard is the first step in protecting yours, or your child’s, teeth gums and lips, from injury.  Even though enamel is considered to be the hardest tissue in the body, it has its breaking point, and can’t stand up against the power of a baseball or a face-plant caused by a hard tackle.  Wearing protective sports gear is part of the game and is so much easier to deal with compared to a broken tooth (or teeth).  Every year in Calgary thousands of recreational athletes are treated for dental injuries that could have been avoided if a Mouthguard had been worn.

Just because your summer fun involves a skate-board or BMX bike doesn’t mean that you’re excluded from protecting your teeth.  Wiping out and hitting your face on asphalt can cause some serious injuries – so be smart and include a Sports Mouthguard as part of your protective gear.  A Mouthguard helps absorb shock and lessens the damage to teeth and jaw joints when a person bites down heavily during a collision or fall.  Taking a ball, elbow, or knee to the face can cause teeth to break and lacerations to gums and lips – without the protection of a Custom Sportsguard injuries can be extensive and require significant dental treatment to repair teeth and oral tissues.

Dr Hoe’s Shawnessy Dental Office is a Family Practice that treats patients of all ages and dental needs.  Treating patients who have sustained a dental injury due to sport is never fun – as it usually involves restoring broken, chipped, or avulsed (completely knocked out) teeth – and the injury usually could have been avoided had a Mouthguard been worn.  Don’t forget to wear your Mouthguard during training – as injuries can still occur when practicing with your team mates.

South Calgary Dentist – Dr. Hoe – wants you to have a great summer and a great smile.  If you need a Custom Sportsguard made – contact Bite Dental today 403.201.2483

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