Protect Your Teeth During Summer Sports

It’s official – Summer has arrived! That means lots of time spent outdoors playing baseball, riding skateboards, and mountain biking – heaps of fun but plenty of opportunity to knock out a pearly white.

Shawnessy Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – is passionate about informing patients about ways to protect their teeth and during physical activity it’s often a good idea to wear a Custom Sportsguard to ensure that fun times don’t end up in tears.  Any sport that involves physical contact, or the risk of falling or wiping out, should include a Sportsguard as standard sport protection – as it isn’t just the risk of losing teeth that a Mouthguard protects against – but it also helps in reducing the risk of concussion.

Custom Sportsguards have an added benefit over the generic ‘boil and bite’ variety by being designed from the mold of a patient’s teeth – so the fit is exact; providing a high level of comfort and wearability.  But what is also important to mention is that a Custom Sportsguard can be fabricated with additional layers of protection – especially important for sports like hockey and rugby where tackles, hits, and wayward equipment can damage a player’s smile in seconds.  The customized thickness of a Custom Sportsguard means additional protection when clenching – which is a natural response when bracing for impact.  Having something to bite in to that has been fabricated to the exact specifics of your bite means dental damage is prevented and over tightening of facial muscles reduced.

Sportsguards aren’t just for young athletes – Dr. Andy Hoe – highly recommends patients of all ages have a Sportsguard made if they are playing a high contact or impact sport.  Though you may play in an Old Timer’s league and spend more time in the dug-out or on the bench – it only takes one stray baseball to ruin your smile.

Dr. Andy Hoe is a General Dentist in South Calgary who owns Bite Dental in Shawnessy.  Dr. Hoe believes that prevention is the key to keeping teeth and gums healthy – which includes protecting your smile from unnecessary trauma.  For more information regarding Custom Sportsguards - or to make an appointment to see Dr. Hoe – contact Bite Dental today 403.201.2483



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