Same Day Crowns in South Calgary Will Have You Smiling In No Time

One Appointment CrownsShawnessy Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – has many great stories to share about the transformative effects of Cerec – One Appointment Crowns.  An experienced technician and firm believer in this trusted technology – Dr. Hoe and his team at Bite Dental in SW Calgary are able to take a broken, worn down smile, and create a thing of beauty in a little over an hour.

Same Day Crowns – or – One Appointment Crowns in Calgary are the perfect solution for patients who have multiple teeth that require crowns/veneers/inlays and onlays, or just a single tooth that requires restoring.  Using precise CAD (computer aided design) technology; a Calgary Dentist who is trained and proficient in the design and milling of Cerec Ceramic Crowns can have a new crown cemented in a patient’s mouth in under an hour.  No messy impressions – No temporary crowns – and No follow-up appointments.  You are able to leave with your new dentistry after just one appointment.

Dr. Andy Hoe admits that when Cerec technology was first introduced to him – the ability to scan an image of a tooth, mill a crown on site, and have the final restoration cemented in place in less than an hour seemed too good to be true.  But the reality is that Same Day Crowns in SW Calgary are just that good – and can have you smiling in no time.  Imagine the ease of having multiple teeth restored in just one dental visit – a perfect solution for the nervous or highly anxious dental patient.  If the thought of having to make multiple dental appointments stops you from moving forward with treatment – now’s the time to explore an easier and more efficient method for restoring your smile, and your confidence.

With Cerec’s ever improving technology – it isn’t just molars that can be restored in one appointment.  The precision in image capturing, milling, and choice of shades of ceramic, means that front teeth that require veneers can be quickly and beautifully restored by your Calgary Dentist.  No having to go to the lab for a custom shade – steps like this are eliminated thanks to Cerec’s technology and your dentist’s skill.

For more information regarding the advantages of Same Day Crowns in Calgary – contact Bite Dental today – and discover just how quickly this Shawnessy Dentist can transform your smile.  Welcoming New Patients – 403.201.2483



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