Sedation Dentistry in South Calgary – No More Stress Just Smiles

Sedation Dentistry in South Calgary can make the difference between a stressful dental appointment and one that is relaxed and pain free.  Feeling relaxed, calm, and at ease throughout a dental appointment is vital to ensure treatment success; as when the patient is calm – the dental team can work effectively and efficiently.  Calgary Sedation Dentists strive to provide an appointment experience that is anxiety and worry free as feeling good about seeing the dentist contributes to patients moving forward with essential treatment –  and when treatment is completed swiftly; more costly and involved procedures can be avoided.

Dental anxiety is common in patients of all ages and genders and doesn’t just occur before ‘major’ appointments but can also be triggered in patients who are dreading an upcoming routine appointment. Interestingly 75% of dental patients experience some form of dental anxiety – it just depends where you are on the anxiety spectrum that determines if you would benefit from Oral Sedation Dentistry.

Avoiding, delaying, ignoring or denying dental that dental pain exists, won’t make the problem go away – and does in fact keep patients in a pattern of stress and low dental health. The mouth is a reflection of health throughout the entire body – ignoring dental pain and discomfort can lead to more serious overall health concerns. This means that even the most nervous of dental patients need to maintain their oral health – as constantly avoiding dental procedures can result in systemic health issues.

So what are the options for the ‘nervous patient’? Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South Calgary knows that once you’ve found a dentist that has the technology, knowledge, and experience to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere – nervous and anxiety prone patients are able to have great dental appointments. Dr. Hoe acknowledges that for some patients even the most routine procedure can create extreme stress – so providing patients with the option of Sedation Dentistry at his Shawnessy Dental Office enables treatment to be completed on time and without unnecessary tension.

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary is a service that more and more nervous patients are turning to. Calgary Dentists recognize the need to provide options that allow all patients to move forward with treatment – even the most nervous of patients.  Bite Dental has been providing Sedation Dentistry for many years and is experienced in administering the oral sedation and monitoring the patient throughout a procedure.

If you think that Sedation Dentistry would help you overcome dental nerves and complete necessary dental treatment – call Bite Dental today. Don’t let nerves stop you from receiving great dental care and a smile you’ve always wanted. 403.201.2483

Sedation Dentistry may not be suitable for every patient – Please keep Bite Dental aware of any changes to your medical history as some medications or supplements may interact with the sedative.



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