Why Keeping Secrets From Your Dentist in South Calgary Can Impact Your Health

Ever wondered why your Dentist in South Calgary always enquires about your physical health? –  which also includes knowing about any medications or supplements you are taking.

Shawnessy Dentist – Dr. Andy Hoe – is a General Dentist in SW Calgary who explains that keeping important information regarding your overall health and medications a secret can restrict your dentist’s ability to provide an in-depth diagnosis of your oral condition and exhibited signs and symptoms.  Many illnesses like Diabetes and Heart Disease are worsened by poor dental health and lack of correct treatment – by disclosing up-to-date and complete medical information with your Dentist, will ensure that a treatment plan is formulated that addresses all dental issues that may be negatively impacting your overall health.

Dr. Hoe believes that being kept informed of all medications that a patient is taking reduces the risk for contraindications with dental anesthetics and helps explain why a patient may be exhibiting certain dental conditions, such as dry mouth or excessive dental decay.  Certain drugs can have side effects that upsets the natural flora of the mouth – causing extreme dryness and increasing the risk for developing periodontal disease and cavities – even in a mouth that was considered healthy prior to taking certain prescription medication(s).

By being secretive and evasive about your medical history; your dentist is kept in the dark – and your dental health can suffer.  Our previous blogs have highlighted the connection between oral health and systemic health – and how each play off the other.  Your mouth is the gateway to your body – so it’s condition both impacts your system as a whole and exhibits signs of physical ill-health.

A candid discussion with your Dentist in Calgary regarding all medications you are taking will ensure that your dental team work to enhance your dental health - and add to your body’s vitality.  Though it may be tempting to gloss over certain medical conditions – sharing this information with your dentist actually helps you maintain better health.

Dr. Andy Hoe of Bite Dental in South Calgary encourages patients to keep their dentist aware of all medications and illnesses - as it not only helps your smile – but your health as well.  Bite Dental welcomes new patients to their Shawnessy Dental Office and encourages patients to call today for an appointment.


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